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I’m always on ya noodle

Anonymous said: You're a beautiful human being and your girlfriend is extremely lucky to have someone such as yourself.

We’re lucky to have each other, she’s perfect.

  -  5 August

Anonymous said: How are you this fine day, lovely? ^.^

My blog just turned two, that’s a thing.
Why bother going anon, you’re silly

  -  19 July

Anonymous said: Hi can I sit on your face pls

No thank you

  -  27 June

Anonymous said: What is your girlfriend like??

She’s a person who manages to be cute, always. She has the deepest whirlpool of emotions, it’s not a bad thing. She’s beautiful, stylish/10 and her smile makes me smile. I’m lucky to be in her life.

  -  18 June

Anonymous said: I just spent forever trying to find your blog out of everyone I follow (I forgot your url -_-). Love your content dude, post more though.

I’m way too fussy for Tumblr, rebloging things is actually such a challenge.

  -  8 June

Anonymous said: You're the most amazing person on this Earth. You are the definition of perfection.

Whoo are you

  -  5 June